What is insulin resistance?

Insulin Resistance is a huge problem, over half of the population is thought to be insulin resistant. And it's a costly issue that can be addressed through better eduction.

What does insulin do?

Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas. Insulin allows your body to use glucose (sugar from carbohydrates) for future use (generally, in the form of fat). Insulin helps to regulate blood sugar.

What is insulin resistance?

When glucose levels are consistently high, cells become resistant to insulin and your body no longer responds to the normal actions of insulin. This means that your muscle, liver, and fat cells have difficulty absorbing glucose from the bloodstream. If your body's become insulin resistant you're going to have health problems. If your cells can't absorb glucose, it builds up in the blood. Too much glucose causes hyperglycemia (often associated with diabetes). Insulin resistance has also been linked to cardiovascular disease.

How do I avoid becoming insulin resistant?

By eating foods low in carbohydrates. The advice (fad diet) given years ago was to eat a diet low in fat. This advice was taken to heart and the diabetes epidemic grew. While the advice was well intentioned, the outcome has been dismal. If you want to avoid high amounts of glucose (sugar) in your blood, eat a high fat / Ketogenic diet. If you want to avoid becoming insulin resistant, eat high quality fats and reduce your carbohydrate intake.

If I'm insulin resistant how do I fix myself?

Exact same way you would avoid becoming insulin resistant in the first place: avoid mass amounts of carbohydrates and start a keto diet (one full of healthy, paleo foods).

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