Sometimes things don't go as planned.

It's true, you can't always have sunny days. This is a good thing, it helps us keep perspective. If you never taste the bitter you can't really taste the sweet.

I wanted to give you a sense of what is going wrong here... and how we'll be just fine... but hot dang! We need some slack cut.

Our main mixer (which ya know, mixes everything we bake) decided to stop working. Okay, it's under warranty, no big deal. We called to get it serviced... it took 7 days for a tech to come out. While here he determines we need another motor (this will be the second time we replace the motor). Well that's not good. It's been 7 days since that appointment, still no motor, no working mixer. That's 2 weeks for all you math buffs out there.

This basically means we have to mix everything by hand or in our little KitchenAid home mixer, the one we use for recipe testing... how fun! Mixing batter or dough by hand is good though, our forearms are getting huge!

I decided we needed a back up mixer. I order one. It arrives a few days later. It doesn't work. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! The replacement mixer I ordered arrives and it doesn't work? Yep, and the replacement for the replacement is going to take a few days... see ya!

So that was cute... but that's not all.

We order a lot of ingredients that you can't order from just anywhere. We have high standards and we don't use readily available ingredients like sugar and wheat. Nope. You'd be surprised at how many ingredients out there have ingredients! What? Yeah, I need Almond Butter... okay, it's got sugar. NO! Well, sorry. Ugh

And don't even get us started on natural flavors and the freeze dried berries we use in some products. We have to search high and low cause most of the other options contain crap ingredients... WHY? You'd think a freeze dried blueberry would contain just... I don't know... blueberries?

So now you get it, sourcing ingredients for a company like ours is not simple. You're welcome.

Let's add that fun fact to the fact we're based out of Colorado and we tend to get snow. Last week several of our shipments were bound from further west over the continental divide via i70. And guess what? The interstate shut down, something about avalanches or whatever. ;) The neat part is we have pallets of delicious ingredients sitting on a truck in Grand Junction. Bro. When will catch that break?

So here we are mixing by hand, and backlogged on orders for specific items we make (that we don't have ingredients for). It's not fun but... now we'll really taste the sweet when it arrives. Right?

Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you... not for your pity cause seriously, things could be MUCH worse. I share this just to give you a little peek in to running a small business, it's rewarding but sometimes it's annoying, really annoying.

We will survive. AND a huge thanks for all of our wonderful customers that make all of our happiness even happier. We love you. Now... it's time to get back to getting my arms thick and swole mixing that dough.

-Rob Benson

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