Beat the Flu with the Keto Diet

The keto diet is NOT a trend that's going anywhere. It's here to stay thanks to new data coming out on a regular basis (thanks scientists!)

Have you heard? A new study suggests that individuals on the Keto diet who get the flu have a better chance at beating the illness with no cure.

Keto Diet Mice Study

The study was published in the journal Science Immunology and reported by Medical News Today. It tested how a keto diet would affect the host against a lethal influenza infection. The study randomly assigned mice a keto diet or a high-carb diet one week before injecting them with the flu.

Higher Survival Rate with Keto

The results showed that the mice that ate keto had higher survival rates than those who ate carb-heavy diets. Carbs kill! The researches believed this is tied to the keto diet blocking inflammasomes, which induce inflammation in response to infections.

Okay, so it wasn't perfect... there was an instance when the keto diet offered no protection against the flu. Researchers found when mice were reproduced without the gene that produces gamma delta T cells, keto didn’t shield them from influenza.

But researchers expect that the rise in T gamma cells may improve the barrier and natural defense line of airway-lining cells, which promotes an enhanced response to the flu. Although more studies are needed, this indicates that a change in diet, not taking prescription drugs, could be the key to combating the virus. Finally... we're really starting to see the light.

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