The Growth of the Keto Diet

If you're trying to reverse pre diabetes or type 2 diabetes (heck, even help control type 1) you have certainly heard of the Ketogenic Diet. Why? Carbs raise glucose levels, fat doesn't. And if you've wanted to lose a few pounds, it's inevitable that you've heard of or will hear of the Keto Diet. Why? Carbs raise glucose (sugar in your blood) which in turn causes increased insulin production, and insulin is really great at storing... FAT (for use later).


Pictured: Donuts available at Explorado Market.

Growth of Keto (via online searches)

In 2018, the Keto Diet was the most searched diet term on Google!

Growth of Keto

Blue: Keto
Red: Vegan
Gold: Paleo

As you can see the interest behind Keto has grown rapidly. And due to the fact this data is derived from Google searches, the choppy nature is due to seasonal changes. This data was taken on Dec 5th.

A recent proprietary survey into the keto consumer via FONA had some interesting results.

  • 38% age 31-40
  • 32% age 23-30
  • 33% exercise 2-3X per week or more
  • 30% exercise 4-6X per week or more
  • Less than 1% of consumers polled rated the Keto diet ‘very difficult’ to follow
  • Less than 45% did not experience any negative side effects from following the diet
  • Over 75% of those surveyed considered themselves ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ successful at maintaining the diet

Further Questions:

  • What’s the most important attribute when purchasing a keto product? The answer: TASTE
  • What do you like least about keto products? The answer: AVAILABILITY
  • That taste and availability are main drivers means real opportunity. Keto product developers have an engaged audience looking for great-tasting products that are readily available.

Benefits of the Keto Diet

It's not just about weight loss. Brain function, improved mood control, appetite control, mental health, among many more benefits are what's keeping people engaged even after the pounds have been dropped.

Rob Benson, co-founder of Explorado Market wears a continuous glucose monitor, not because he needs to, he wants to test and gauge products made by the Fort Collins, Colorado company. "I wear a CGM to ensure my glucose levels won't rise from the foods we produce, rising glucose levels means you'll probably get kicked out of ketosis. That won't fly here." Not only are constantly rising glucose levels bad for the Keto Diet, it's believed that it also contributes to insulin resistance among many other health concerns.

The goal of a Ketogenic diet is to limit health risks. There might be negative aspects of this way of eating for some, however many are finding success.

You can expect the social media frenzy around this way of eating is only going to grow. We live in a time where we can see real people's results in near real time. It's hard to fake losing 100 pounds, going off medications, and improving your mental health. Keto has serious staying power, to call this a fad is bad assumption.

Treats on Keto

Treats on Keto

Cupcakes available at Explorado Market (wholesale available too).

Giving up all the foods you crave can be hard but there's a tasty solution to help you stay on track. "We create treats that won't raise blood sugar or kick your body out of Ketosis. We don't make these treats to be a supplement to eating real, whole foods. Our grain, gluten, and soy free products are meant to make Keto more accessible. They're here to fill a gap, a tasty, sweet gap in your life. We're eliminating the need for a 'cheat day'." said Benson. The company offers 100% satisfaction and wants to be your trusted resource for "sweet" treats in their brick and mortar location, local Fort Collins venues, and online.

Keto Cheesecakes

Keto Cheesecakes (one of the more popular options from Explorado Market.

As the Keto diet grows we'll begin to see more and more restaurants and grocery outlets making keto friendly options available. We are here to assist small business in Northern Colorado and beyond be KETO READY - with quick selling, delicious Keto and Diabetic friendly treats.

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Tristan M.

Tristan M.

I’ve gone from 212 to 170 and I can finally think clearly. Thanks for the Fat Fit Go, you guys rock.

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