How long do the LED lights last?

The LED lights in the cardnl devices are rated at 50,000 hours. This means you can enjoy cardnl red light and infrared light therapy for a really long time.

Does a red light device emit UV?

No. UV light ranges from 10 to 400 nm. Red light starts at 620 nm. The light emitted from a therapeutic red light device barely reaches the visible light spectrum.

Can you burn or tan with red light therapy?

No. UV rays tan or burn the skin.

Does a red light device produce the same benefit as a Seasonal Affective Disorder light?

No. A SAD light provides a full spectrum of light.

Does red light therapy provide vitamin D?

No. UV-B rays are required to produce vitamin D via a light source.

Do you need eye protection with red light devices?

No. The red light shouldn’t hurt your eye. Red light therapy is believed to heal the eye.

Can’t I get the benefits of red light therapy from the sun?

Yes! For therapeutic purposes, you probably don’t want to absorb too many UV rays. It is difficult to get the right amount of red light therapy from the sun alone. Red Light Therapy is not an alternative to getting sun, they work together for optimal health.

Is Red Light Therapy safe for children?

Yes. Pets too.