In 2013, we started with a focus on clean ingredient family meals and treats. Later, in 2015 we became interested in the Keto Diet and started creating meal plans and recipes to help along the way. We make a lot of effort to test lifestyle, ingredients, and products with a continuous glucose monitor AKA a CGM to ensure blood sugar regulation. We also write about those experiences on our blog.

Kendra & Rob Benson

In 2017 we came up with an almond butter product and attempted to work with a co-packer. We had an absolutely terrible experience and decided we'd scramble together what money we had and rent a building and build out our own commercial kitchen. We learned a lot and since we had the space we decided to start making baked goods and open a small Keto specific grocery store. Well... that store opened in November of 2018 and we had the very first Keto specific bakery, grocery store, and consumer food production company.

The original name of the company was Explorado Market. We later decided to change the name to Cardnl (Low Carb & Gluten Free) (in 2021).

Cardinal as an adjective means: fundamental or of the greatest importance. We believe good health is at the core of enjoying all that life has to offer. We believe improving health is fundamental. Limiting blood sugar is one vitally important tool for many suffering from metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. We create and promote products with incredible ingredients that taste amazing while not raising blood sugar.

Also, if you're "cardinal" you're considered a born leader, an initiator of things, you refuse to sit around and wait for something to happen. Well, that's us.

And the bird... obviously. Amazing. And there's meaning even when you just SEE a Cardinal.

All products we make are 100% gluten free and safe for those on a Keto diet or trying to control blood sugar. Everything you order from us is made by us in our small, family owned commercial kitchen.

Our product line includes:
- Keto Granola
- Keto Trail Mix
- Keto Cookies
- Keto Caramel Sauce
- Keto Seasonings
- Almond Butters
- Electrolytes
- Pre-Workout Electrolytes
- Keto Sprinkles
- Sweet Keto Baking Mix
- Keto Bread Mix
- Keto Bagels
- Keto Bread
- Keto Donuts
- Keto Cake Pops
- Keto Champion Bars
- Keto Candied Pecans
- Keto Chocolate Chips
- Keto Sweet Cinnamon Toast Sprinkle
- Allulose
- Keto Ingredients

With all of the products we offer, there is a guarantee that your blood sugar will not spike and that your body won't stop producing ketones. We have tested personally (for years) via CGM. We've also gotten feedback from thousands of customers.

We take pride in offering foods made in a 100% Gluten Free facility. All of the products we make are delicious.

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