Would you like to earn free product in exchange for helping spread the word about Explorado Market?

We've got a program, just for you!

How do I qualify?

  • Send us a contact form seeking approval.
  • Include links to your social channels, website, or blog where you plan on promoting Explorado Market.
  • We will determine approval.

How will it work and what do I get?

  • We'll provide you with your own coupon code.
  • If you get 10 people per calendar month to use your coupon code, we'll refund your purchases for that month up to $100. Explained: in the month of June, 12 people use your coupon code, and you purchased $135 worth of product on ExploradoMarket.com in the month of June. We will refund you $100 for your purchases in the month of June.
  • Tiers (coupons used per calendar month)
    • 10 - up to $100 Refund
    • 20 - up to $250 Refund
    • 30 - up to $450 Refund
    • 40 or more - up to $700 Refund
  • The coupon code is valid for new customers only.

This affiliate program provides a much higher return than a standard affiliate program and ensures we have individuals promoting us that actually shop with us.

Coupon codes may be different for your affiliate agreement depending on your social media and website reach.

Contact us and get approved now.