Explorado Market is... cardnl

We're transitioning from Explorado Market to cardnl.

Why? - Cardinal as an adjective means: fundamental or of the greatest importance. We believe good health is at the core of enjoying all that life has to offer. We believe improving health is fundamental. Limiting blood sugar is one vitally important tool for many suffering from metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. We create and promote products with incredible ingredients that taste amazing while not raising blood sugar.

Also, if you're "cardinal" you're considered a born leader, an initiator of things, you refuse to sit around and wait for something to happen. Well, that's us.

And the bird... obviously. Amazing. And there's meaning even when you just SEE a Cardinal.

And frankly, cardnl is easier to remember.

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Visit cardnl (formerly Explorado Market)

5748 S College Ave Unit C&D
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 5PM
Sunday: Closed

Essential Electrolytes

Improve performance and stay hydrated with no sugar, no calories, AND the perfect blend of essential electrolytes.


Home of the Keto Cookie

Gluten free, tastes amazing, will not raise blood sugar.

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Gluten Free Keto Bread

Very tasty, incredible texture, will not raise blood sugar.

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Incredible Keto Granola

Grain free, wonderful crunch, and will not impact blood sugar.

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Explorado Market is now... cardnl

Boutique Keto Grocery & Bakery

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado - shipping nationwide.

Shop a wide selection of Keto products including products made in our 100% gluten free kitchen.

Get 5% Cash Back with every purchase.


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